the vintage sale

yesterday, i had a little vintage sale at my house. it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, but well worth it! it was made up of most of the stuff i find on the side of the road. old doors, chairs, tables, and a few thrifted items, too. some of […]

diy: backyard chalkboard

remember the vintage sale i had a couple months ago? well, i had a few things left over that didn’t sell and one of the items was this old door. i was kinda glad it didn’t sell because i really liked it and thought it would be fun for something. a few weeks ago, i […]

diy: under bed storage

is it just me or do toys seem to reproduce in the night? seriously, i go to bed with a semi-clean house and wake up and there are legos and toy cars and puzzle pieces everywhere! i am constantly rearranging/reorganizing toys to better fit them into our small space. when i made this project, i didn’t […]