Love & Lace Bridal and Tailor: before and after

do you believe in coincidences?

i don’t. well, i guess sometimes it starts out that way, but most of the time i think things happen for a reason. there’s a path that is set out and as you are walking along it, you almost immediately can tell that it’s not a coincidence that you are on that path. the pieces of the puzzle start to unfold and you realize why you are there. why your path has wound around to this point.

that sort of happened to me last spring.

i got an order for a couple of my rulers and it turned out that they were bought by a woman that i went to high school with. she had asked me to drop them off at her family’s tailor shop in Orange. i had this strange feeling when she told me that, that i knew which tailor shop she was talking about. as it turned out, it was the one i had been using for years for any alterations i needed. (in the Vons shopping center off of Tustin/Lincoln for all of you locals.) 🙂

what a coincidence.

when i arrived at the family tailor shop to drop off the rulers, i met the woman’s sister, Ramona. we got to talking and i mentioned that i did some design work and she mentioned that she was following her dream of opening up a bridal/tailor shop in south county and needed some design help. we exchanged contact information and parted ways.

a month later, i got a call that she was ready for the help.

when i showed up to the commercial space that was destined to be the bridal/tailor shop, i was a little taken back.


(before construction)

i didn’t really picture such a big store. and in need of so much construction.


(before construction)

i’m not sure exactly what i was picturing, but as soon as i heard the words, “Irvine Company,” i knew it was a job too big for me. i did not want to be responsible for messing up anyones dream, so i referred the job to another designer, Lauren. as it turns out, Lauren went to high school with Ramona.

what a coincidence. 

so, for the last few months, the shop (or i think it’s supposed to be called salon? oh well, shop sounds more quaint to me) got a major overhaul.


when i saw it today for the first time in person, tears filled my eyes.


beside it being absolutely stunningly, beautiful, it fills me with joy to see a dream come true for someone.


to know that what was once, a thought of hope, is now something real.


what started out as a sale of a simple oversized ruler growth chart, led into something bigger.


that might be totally cheesy to some.


but, what i know for sure….


is that the path it took to get here,


is no coincidence.


so, if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding gown (or just need your jeans hemmed), head on over to Love & Lace.


and say hi to Ramona for me!