Life Update: Home Stager & Redesigner

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this old platform that was created about five years ago. I thought it was time to dust it off a bit and start doing some new posts.

There’s quite a bit that has changed, since I started this blog; like the algorithm and social media and wordpress (it’s all different). However, a few things have stayed constant: Our family still lives in our little old cottage, I still love anything vintage, old, and a story of times past, and design is still a big part of my life.

In fact, last year I started an interior design business and went full throttle. I took on any creative job that involved design. It was a lot of fun and I learned something in the process. The creative job that sparked the most joy was home staging! However, I realized I needed a little extra help in the business department, so I signed myself up for a certification course and took a few months studying the ins and outs of the business. The result when I was all done was a booming business that took off over night (who would have thought?).

Here’s one of the occupied staging projects that I have worked on so far:


And a few of the vacant stages I worked on:

The other part of my business is {Re}design.

That’s where I take what people already own (whether they have moved or not) in their home and rework it into a more functional design for the space. Sometimes we take items away and sometimes we add new items in. The end result is a space that feels more pulled together and functional for the family or person living there.


I love this business and I am so grateful to get to do what my passion is. If you are interested in more information about staging or redesign, please visit my professional website HERE .

Thanks for following along! 🙂