Life Update: Home Stager & Redesigner

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this old platform that was created about five years ago. I thought it was time to dust it off a bit and start doing some new posts.

There’s quite a bit that has changed, since I started this blog; like the algorithm and social media and wordpress (it’s all different). However, a few things have stayed constant: Our family still lives in our little old cottage, I still love anything vintage, old, and a story of times past, and design is still a big part of my life.

In fact, last year I started an interior design business and went full throttle. I took on any creative job that involved design. It was a lot of fun and I learned something in the process. The creative job that sparked the most joy was home staging! However, I realized I needed a little extra help in the business department, so I signed myself up for a certification course and took a few months studying the ins and outs of the business. The result when I was all done was a booming business that took off over night (who would have thought?).

Here’s one of the occupied staging projects that I have worked on so far:


And a few of the vacant stages I worked on:

The other part of my business is {Re}design.

That’s where I take what people already own (whether they have moved or not) in their home and rework it into a more functional design for the space. Sometimes we take items away and sometimes we add new items in. The end result is a space that feels more pulled together and functional for the family or person living there.


I love this business and I am so grateful to get to do what my passion is. If you are interested in more information about staging or redesign, please visit my professional website HERE .

Thanks for following along! 🙂


One thought on “Life Update: Home Stager & Redesigner

  1. Your designs are amazing.  We are still living on concrete floors. Can you believe it?  Just having a horrible time choosing them.  One looks orange, another one green, the next one is too dark or too rustic.  UGH.   In the meantime, Steve has the back yard scheduled to be torn up mid July.  I am hoping we can decide on flooring before then.  If you can suggest somewhere to look, let me know.  We have been so many places already.    We can’t even get our pod delivered until after the floor is installed, and now after the yard demo.  Will this ever end?  I just can’t wait to shop for furniture. That’s where you will come in to play.     Happy 4th, Lani

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