house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 3)

hi all.

what a day today has been. met with a new design client, lots of errands, fabric store research, and then it ended with an impromptu late afternoon trip to the beach and dinner on the pier with my parents and little boy. we’re pretending summer isn’t over.

not too shabby for one day. i’ll take it. and then i was half asleep cuddling with my littlest boy tonight when i realized i hadn’t put this post together yet (just keepin’ it real).

so….here is part 3 of the big yellow. (here’s part 1 and part 2, in case you missed them). i’m going to let the pictures do the talking tonight, since my brain is half asleep. 😉 keep in mind, there are still projects that need to get done upstairs, but it looks gorgeous even when it’s, ‘under construction.’

we’ll start with the upstairs living room. enjoy!




there’s a sweet little guest room off of the living room.






don’t ya just wanna take a nap here?!



now onto the master….





i’d take a nap in this room, too!

clearly, i need to go to bed.

night night, friends! xo

diy: artwork

i made some art the other day for our laundry room.


it’s simple and really does not warrant a tutorial (think ball point pen and a piece of paper).

i was inspired by the artwork in my new friend’s house.

plus, i had a couple of old frames on hand that my grandma gave me in my late teens. these silly frames have traveled with me through countless moves. i’m so glad they finally have a home and a cute lil message in them.



it’s not perfect. in fact, i think i forgot to dot an i. whoops. oh well. i like it and it works and the quote inspires me.



so, there you have it.

see you all tomorrow for the upstairs tour of the big yellow/big green house!

house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 2)

alrighty, are you ready to see the inside of this beaut?

come on in. (and in case you missed  part 1, here it is.)


i have admired this house for as long as i can remember.


but the first time i saw the inside (in its past life as a rental), i was quite disappointed.


it had eighties contemporary cabinets, with a ton of stainless steel and the largest wolf range you ever did see. (i wish i would have taken before pics!)


now, it’s back to its roots.


it has gorgeous custom cabinets,


with the most amazing vintage inspired pulls.


and the cutest refurbished old stove.


the backsplash is honeycomb carerra marble, which goes beautifully with the carerra marble countertops.

and that sink! (someday i shall have a Shaw)


no detail was left untouched.


even the outlet covers are swoon worthy.


and wait till you see the dining room.


fancy, huh?! look at that chandelier.


the house actually came with a beautiful chandelier, but the scale was a little small. so, my neighbor found a larger version of the old one and re-hung the pervious chandelier upstairs in one of the bedrooms.


it is so elegant, and casts the most beautiful sparkle across the house.


the fireplace was also restored using carerra marble.


the living room is right off of the dining room.


it has the most amazing chair (or at least i think so, but i kinda love furniture).


look at the fabric!


it’s a crochet pattern on top of a linen fabric.


i’ve never seen anything like it. i can’t even imagine how long it must have taken the person who made that fabric. it’s a true work of art and it goes great with the other textiles in the room.


which my neighbor made! yup, the pillows and the drapes were all done by her. (that’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.)


she has a great eye for detail and design. she found this beautiful armoire to house the tv (it’s in the bottom cabinets) at a local antique store in the circle. i wish i could remember the details she told me about it, but it’s old. really, really old. and from Europe.

ya, know what else is old in this house?


the floors. the original floors were in pretty bad shape, so the homeowners had them replaced with these old barn wood planks. they are stunning in person!


so is the collection of law books in the office next to the living room. (i bet you can guess what the man of the house does for a living?) 😉


next week, i’ll take you upstairs and show you the rest of this historic gem. (since i took 5,543,339 pictures and i figured this would be the worlds longest post if i kept on going!)

thanks for stopping by!


the vintage sale

yesterday, i had a little vintage sale at my house.

it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, but well worth it!


it was made up of most of the stuff i find on the side of the road. old doors, chairs, tables, and a few thrifted items, too.


some of the stuff i repurposed into something new.


like these old drawers that i made into memo boards. i painted them and added cork and some wrapping paper. it was a quick diy and i love how they turned out.


i also made an old armoire door (that my hubby found on the side of the road) into a chalkboard. i added a little shelf from some reclaimed wood i had from another curbside find. this one was hard to let go. i went back and forth between keeping it and selling it. i finally decided to sell it and i’m glad it went to a good home and a fellow blogger friend.

i gotta tell you about a cool story that happened early into the sale…..

a burly man pulled up in his truck. when he got out, he had a big smile and quickly walked over to the goods on my driveway. he mentioned he was a stone mason and loved old stuff! he was so excited to see what i was selling. he also said he loved to find old stuff and fix it up or re-purpore it (well, what do ya know!). one of the things he loves to make are crosses from reclaimed wood. he said he liked to talk about making them to the other construction workers, since it’s kinda a rough crowd and he liked to gently introduce them to God. wow!

we had a great chat and i really enjoyed talking with him (and getting his contact info because he said he makes concrete countertops! yeah!! i’ve always wanted some!)

then as he was walking back to his truck, he said he had something for me that he knew i probably would appreciate and wanted to give me.

he handed me this….


i totally teared up. i know it might just be a burlap bag to some, but for this farmhouse, burlap loving girl, it was like gold! i told him that i would gladly pay for it, but he insisted i have it! he also said he could get more, in which case, i insisted i would pay for them!

what a great day!

thanks to all that made it out to support my lil vintage sale!

house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 1)

i know some of you have been waiting for this one for awhile.


i posted some teasers on my instagram, months ago. well, it’s finally ready for its reveal. it’s not 100% done, but it’s almost there and i have been eager to show you all!


now some of you might be wondering why i titled this post: the big yellow, considering the house is clearly green. see, this home has been known for being “the big yellow house on the corner” for as long as i can remember and even longer for the older generations in the neighborhood.


but, the home had been neglected and rented out for quite a few years. it wasn’t until about a year ago, that the house changed ownership.


almost immediately, the new homeowners started to pour love into this house and bring it back to what it once was (probably even better!).


the whole house inside and out, has been carefully restored. there is so much detail that i captured nearly 250 pictures during the photo shoot!


a beautiful vintage chandelier was added to the front porch.


and a new bright white fence was added around the property.


the landscape was refreshed.


and vintage details were added to give it character and a bring it back to its roots.


the 100 year old tree was trimmed and flowers were added around its base.


and though some things have changed, there are a few things that still look the same…


the outdoor fireplace is one.


but, maybe with a few added vintage details.


the second area is the pool.

of course, it got a good scrubbing and might also have changed colors (back to blue instead of green, maybe? no, i don’t think it was that bad when the new homeowners bought it). 😉


so, you see, change can be good.


and though a color might change or it might be called a new name, it doesn’t mean the history is different.


it’s just going to take a little getting used to when we say, “the big green” instead of, “the big yellow.”


or maybe we’ll give it a new nickname and call it, “the one with the really big tree.” (no? too long?)


the house with the big tree, the yellow house, the green house, whatever you want to call it….i’m just happy to see this house get loved so much. it’s fun to live next door and admire its beauty and watch it sparkle once again.


and if you think the outside is good, come on back next week for a peak inside! i think i did the awkward stand-and-stare-and-take-it-all-in for a good solid ten minutes the first time i saw it all done.

it’s gonna blow your mind.

have a good week, friends!


as is

do you ever feel like you’re running around like a crazy person?

like you’re not sure where the last fifteen hours went since you woke up this morning?

i hope i’m not alone, because i do. all.the.time.

this past spring i was having a hard time. with life. with juggling and balancing being a mom, a wife, a working woman.

it wasn’t easy. i was over scheduled, underpaid (or not paid at all….since being a mom is a thankless job), burned out and struggling with the fear of what the future held.


all i wanted to do was sleep. or go be a teenager again and hop in the car to the beach. or read a book in a hammock. or pee by myself for two full minutes (i’d even take 45 seconds).

but instead the responsibility of being an adult loomed in my view. my view usually being the sink full of dishes with crusty day old oatmeal stuck to the side because i was too lazy to rinse the food off from the morning before. *sigh*

the topper was one day when a friend pointed out that i was late, again, to something we had planned. *double sigh*


i felt broken. like i was running a marathon and had gotten to the dixie cup water hand-out, only to find out that they had run out of dixie cups. and water.


another friend came up and noticed i was broken. this friend had lived a few more years than me, so she was well trained in the hills and valleys of life. she offered a great story about how she struggled the same way when she was a young mom. she said she struggled with being late, with over committing herself, with stretching herself thin. and she had a friend that did something pretty amazing…her friend made her a cute little pin (this was the 80’s) and on that pin it said, “as is.” her friend explained to her that she was perfect just the way she was. that God had made her perfectly in His image, exactly how He had intended.


oh, how i needed to hear those words.

it might not be the 80’s and i might not have a pin to wear, but i do have a great necklace that an Instagram friend made for me and i love its message and what it reminds me: that i am perfectly made in God’s image.


i come as-is.

and so do you.

if you feel worn out and not quite like you have it all together at times, you’re in good company. or maybe life is going pretty good and you just need a reminder that you can’t do it all (no one can). i need that reminder, too. life can be  hard, overwhelming, exhausting, busy {insert your own adjective here}. i encourage you to lean on the one that has helped me through many valleys in my life; God. i am a huge believer in the power of prayer. he has softened my heart, redirected me, and encouraged me when i’ve needed it the most. he has been my leader when i felt like i couldn’t run the race any longer.

i am thankful for that, i am thankful for Him, and i am thankful that he made each of us just as we are, perfectly in His image.

transformation thursday: diy cork board & recovered trunk

remember this beauty?


it now looks like this…


a good friend of mine just got married this last weekend and i got to transform this beauty into a cork board for their seating chart. the wedding was at a beautiful location in the hills of Brea, California. the decor was based around a classic vintage theme (think 1920’s glamour), so this frame fit perfect. i wish i had more pictures from the wedding and the after picture of the seating chart, but my camera died (bum!).

i now get the pleasure of using it as a jewelry cork board.

and incase, you are interested in making one of your own, here’s a supplies list that you’ll need:


1. cork
2. scissors
3. frog tape (to secure the cork board to the existing chalkboard. you could also glue it down, but i like the option of being able to convert it back to a chalkboard, if i change my mind. which, will probably happen because, well, that’s what i do). 😉
4. staple gun
5. fabric

directions: since i don’t have step-by-step instructions (diy fail) I’ll do my best to walk ya through it. just take the existing chalkboard, cut the cork to the size of the chalkboard, tape the cork to the board around the edges, lay the board flat on top of the fabric and pull the fabric tight as you staple gun it around the back, then pop it into your frame. you’re done. i think if i were to do it again, i might add two layers of cork to have a deeper cushion to push pins into. instead, i just pushed the pins down into the cork, not straight back (hopefully, that makes sense?).

another little fun re-do i got to do for the wedding was my old trunk (actually, it’s my husband’s from his childhood, but what’s that old saying….what’s yours is mine, what’s mine is mine?). 😉

here’s the before (with a little frog tape because i am an impatient diyer):


it was a little rough inside. i liked it, but it was way more rustic then what they were going for at the wedding. so, the beautiful bride and i got to go shopping for fabric and we found this gorgeous deep blue velvet (the couple’s colors for the wedding were colbalt blue with touches of gold…let me tell you, i was in Heaven because those are my favorite!). then i just used frog tape to put on top of the old paper inside and used a hot glue gun to attach the fabric into place.

and now the after:


the mr&mrs. used it on the welcoming table to collect gifts and cards as guests arrived.

i looooove it! it was a little more time consuming than i had thought, but well worth it! i had originally thought i would take the velvet off after the wedding was done, but i like it so much i think i’ll keep it on! in fact, a funny story (or funny to us) about this trunk is that the bride’s brother (who i grew up across the street from) came up to me and said, “i like your chest.” um. thanks? he was quite embarrassed when his wife informed him that it was called a, “trunk.” HA! it became a good laugh for the rest of the evening and we might still be laughing about it. it’s okay, M, i like my chest, too! 😉

hope you all had a fabulous thursday!

house tour tuesday: The Island Hotel and some thrifty finds

hi all!

this has been a busy summer. i feel like june started and we hit the ground running. so, to add a little fun to the busy, my family and i decided to take a little mini vacation to Palm Springs. we swam, ate, slept, and then did that all over again, not necessarily in that order. i took a little time off from crafting and making things to just focus on my family.

at the tail end of our vacation, the hubbs and i dropped off our boy with the grandparents and went on a little mini staycation for just us. we swam, ate, and slept (a lot). it was glorious!

so, due to our recent vacation, i don’t have a regular house tour tuesday post, but i do want to tell you about the hotel we stayed in. it’s called, The Island Hotel. it was clean, the staff was very hospitable, and the decor was pretty (this last one, of course made me happy) 😉


and after getting home and uploading all of my photos, i realized that this was the only one that turned out and was not a blurry-look-like-i’m-trying-to-have-a-3D-post, so here ya go. i might be slightly obsessed with the headboard and adding it to my list of diy projects. 😉

the hotel also has a pretty amazing pool with a fireplace that was fun to sit by at night and talk and cuddle. so, if you’re looking for an affordable, nice hotel in Orange County near the beach, but don’t want to pay the high price tag for some of those other luxury hotels, i highly recommend it. we shopped around, and i’m so glad we did. i love a good deal!

speaking of deals….as i was getting dressed to go to lunch, i had to chuckle at the outfits i had packed. most were thrifty finds. i don’t usually shop for clothes when i go thrifting (i enjoy hunting for furniture more), but occasionally something will catch my eye while i’m standing in the checkout line.

here’s outfit #1: thrifted $6 dress, that i paired with a belt I already owned.


and outfit #2: thrifted $4 swimsuit cover-up for when we went to the pool.


just ignore all of the wrinkles (oops)….who has time for ironing on vacation?! not this lady. 😉

i love a good vacation, mini or not (they don’t happen often), but it’s nice to get back to reality. i have some fun diy projects i’ll be sharing later this week.

have a good one friends!