house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 3)

hi all.

what a day today has been. met with a new design client, lots of errands, fabric store research, and then it ended with an impromptu late afternoon trip to the beach and dinner on the pier with my parents and little boy. we’re pretending summer isn’t over.

not too shabby for one day. i’ll take it. and then i was half asleep cuddling with my littlest boy tonight when i realized i hadn’t put this post together yet (just keepin’ it real).

so….here is part 3 of the big yellow. (here’s part 1 and part 2, in case you missed them). i’m going to let the pictures do the talking tonight, since my brain is half asleep. 😉 keep in mind, there are still projects that need to get done upstairs, but it looks gorgeous even when it’s, ‘under construction.’

we’ll start with the upstairs living room. enjoy!




there’s a sweet little guest room off of the living room.






don’t ya just wanna take a nap here?!



now onto the master….





i’d take a nap in this room, too!

clearly, i need to go to bed.

night night, friends! xo

2 thoughts on “house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 3)

  1. Hi there, I saw your comment on my friend emily’s blog and I thought I’d check out your site. I’m a very new blogger and I really like what you are into! You are great at things that I am not good at–like making something beautiful out of unlikely pieces of anything–but I so appreciate your talent! I love the house you are touring. It is amazing. So just thought I’d say hi and it seems like you have a really great heart. God bless you! –Chelsea, another mama and blogger

    • Thank you, Chelsea! Your words meant a lot to me! So glad to hear you are a fellow blogger…it’s a ton of fun and I’m a newbie, too, to this blogging thing! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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