the furniture finder shop- now open!

hi there!

this past month has been quite a busy one.

among the busy, we were able to visit my mother-in-law’s house in Cambria.


while we were there, we got to go treasure hunting.


my mother-in-law has a great eye for antique furniture


and fabulous treasures!


she taught me years ago what to look for. i’ve always admired her collection of treasures and she’s the one that started my collection of old furniture, vintage trunks, and  milk glass years ago.


i’ve had a few friends and people that i’ve met that have asked me to find them unique furniture or vintage items.


well, now these fun finds can be yours, too. just click on the ‘shop‘ link above and it will take you to an array of different antique furniture and vintage items. like these milk glass pieces.


or these old farmhouse lanterns.


there will be vintage home decor and some random vintage pieces added.


i’ll also be selling other people’s antique furniture on consignment, like this 1940’s art deco buffet.


and this amazing early 1900’s curio cabinet! these are hard to find.

if you have old furniture or vintage accessories (anything pre-1960’s) that you are interested in selling in the shop (and you are located in Southern California), please email me at and i will come take pictures of your great finds and do the footwork for you to sell your pieces. think of it as a vintage craigslist, but without the work for you! 😉

happy treasure hunting!

5 thoughts on “the furniture finder shop- now open!

  1. Hi Kelly – I am Kristen Morgan’s aunt and she told me about your site. I am looking for several pieces – barrister shelves and a pie safe. If you happen upon any, let me know. I live down the street from you. Best.


    • Hi Michele!
      I’ll keep my eyes open! Sorry, I haven’t responded sooner…..I haven’t been blogging for awhile, so I haven’t checked here. I’m hoping to get back to it after I have my baby. 🙂 Very cool to find out we are neighbors! I hope to meet you soon. 🙂

      Take care,

      • Hi Kelly – I found barrister shelves so do not need to look for those. I am looking for a pie safe and a dough table.


        Michele Morgan (Kristen’s aunt)

  2. Hi Kelly – I got an email that I had a message from you. Cannot find a message. Perhaps it was an error. Hope you are doing well. Best. Michele

  3. Hi Kelly – I now know what the problem is. The date is not changing on the emails above. Thanks!


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