family photo nov 2015
Hi there! I’m Kelly; wife to a wonderful man of almost fourteen years and a stay at home mama to two young boys. I enjoy creating art, finding a bargain at thrift stores (or just about anywhere), doing diy projects, organizing, collection unique pieces of furniture, capturing pictures of old houses in our cute little old town where we live and meeting friendly neighbors along the way.  Making today the good ole’ days. Thanks for visiting. Glad you’re here!

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I am looking to recreate a chandelier you have. Is it possible, if you did it yourself, to get instructions?

    • Hi Bethany! Sure, I can do my best to get you instructions (some of the stuff on my blog is from the house tours that I’ve done from other peoples’ homes). Which one were you interested in?

  2. I believe it was an all chain chandelier. It had a draping motion to it. The end of the chandelier had a different tone smaller pieces dangling but same type of chains.

    • That was a chandelier that was picked out by the designer that did the shop. The designer’s name is Lauren O’Connor from Sanctuary Design. You might be able to email her and see if she would give the source of where she got. Just google Sanctuary Design and her info should come up. Hope that helps!

  3. Hey Kelly, I am Amber’s mom from NC. I need some help on a color for my kitchen. If I send you a pic can I tell you what I am thinking and get your opinion,

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