the vintage sale

yesterday, i had a little vintage sale at my house.

it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, but well worth it!


it was made up of most of the stuff i find on the side of the road. old doors, chairs, tables, and a few thrifted items, too.


some of the stuff i repurposed into something new.


like these old drawers that i made into memo boards. i painted them and added cork and some wrapping paper. it was a quick diy and i love how they turned out.


i also made an old armoire door (that my hubby found on the side of the road) into a chalkboard. i added a little shelf from some reclaimed wood i had from another curbside find. this one was hard to let go. i went back and forth between keeping it and selling it. i finally decided to sell it and i’m glad it went to a good home and a fellow blogger friend.

i gotta tell you about a cool story that happened early into the sale…..

a burly man pulled up in his truck. when he got out, he had a big smile and quickly walked over to the goods on my driveway. he mentioned he was a stone mason and loved old stuff! he was so excited to see what i was selling. he also said he loved to find old stuff and fix it up or re-purpore it (well, what do ya know!). one of the things he loves to make are crosses from reclaimed wood. he said he liked to talk about making them to the other construction workers, since it’s kinda a rough crowd and he liked to gently introduce them to God. wow!

we had a great chat and i really enjoyed talking with him (and getting his contact info because he said he makes concrete countertops! yeah!! i’ve always wanted some!)

then as he was walking back to his truck, he said he had something for me that he knew i probably would appreciate and wanted to give me.

he handed me this….


i totally teared up. i know it might just be a burlap bag to some, but for this farmhouse, burlap loving girl, it was like gold! i told him that i would gladly pay for it, but he insisted i have it! he also said he could get more, in which case, i insisted i would pay for them!

what a great day!

thanks to all that made it out to support my lil vintage sale!

4 thoughts on “the vintage sale

  1. Wow! It sounds like you had a great day!!! I really love your repurposed blackboard. What are you planning on doing with your burlap bag? πŸ™‚

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