house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 2)

alrighty, are you ready to see the inside of this beaut?

come on in. (and in case you missed  part 1, here it is.)


i have admired this house for as long as i can remember.


but the first time i saw the inside (in its past life as a rental), i was quite disappointed.


it had eighties contemporary cabinets, with a ton of stainless steel and the largest wolf range you ever did see. (i wish i would have taken before pics!)


now, it’s back to its roots.


it has gorgeous custom cabinets,


with the most amazing vintage inspired pulls.


and the cutest refurbished old stove.


the backsplash is honeycomb carerra marble, which goes beautifully with the carerra marble countertops.

and that sink! (someday i shall have a Shaw)


no detail was left untouched.


even the outlet covers are swoon worthy.


and wait till you see the dining room.


fancy, huh?! look at that chandelier.


the house actually came with a beautiful chandelier, but the scale was a little small. so, my neighbor found a larger version of the old one and re-hung the pervious chandelier upstairs in one of the bedrooms.


it is so elegant, and casts the most beautiful sparkle across the house.


the fireplace was also restored using carerra marble.


the living room is right off of the dining room.


it has the most amazing chair (or at least i think so, but i kinda love furniture).


look at the fabric!


it’s a crochet pattern on top of a linen fabric.


i’ve never seen anything like it. i can’t even imagine how long it must have taken the person who made that fabric. it’s a true work of art and it goes great with the other textiles in the room.


which my neighbor made! yup, the pillows and the drapes were all done by her. (that’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.)


she has a great eye for detail and design. she found this beautiful armoire to house the tv (it’s in the bottom cabinets) at a local antique store in the circle. i wish i could remember the details she told me about it, but it’s old. really, really old. and from Europe.

ya, know what else is old in this house?


the floors. the original floors were in pretty bad shape, so the homeowners had them replaced with these old barn wood planks. they are stunning in person!


so is the collection of law books in the office next to the living room. (i bet you can guess what the man of the house does for a living?) 😉


next week, i’ll take you upstairs and show you the rest of this historic gem. (since i took 5,543,339 pictures and i figured this would be the worlds longest post if i kept on going!)

thanks for stopping by!


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