house tour tuesday: mr. handyman and mrs. go-getter’s house

i’ve always wanted to go on one of those old house tours in old towne orange. ya know, the one they have every year? it kinda reminds me of the show house hunters. (i love that show!)

you’d think i would have gone on one by now with my love of old homes, but nope. not a one. i’ve either been sick, out of town, or having a baby.


so, i thought of a lil plan to get to peep in and catch a glance of these beauties.

the plan?

to just ask for a tour and guess what? the homeowners said, “Yes!” who woulda thought?!

so set your DVRs to the furniture finder channel (er….blog) every tuesday and come tour a home with me! (btw, by the time you see this post it will be wednesday, because it’s been a busy couple of days. and if you know me, you know time management is not my strong suite. so, lets just pretend it’s tuesday and next week i’ll be a lil more on the ball. deal?)

first up! a home near and dear to my heart…a project i have been working on with my sweet clients, since the fall of this last year.

this home may not be old. in fact, it’s an eighties child, but it’s getting updated or undated or brought back to a date that is way before the eighties (or way after the eighties. i’m not sure, but whatever it is, it’s not the eighties!). it’s a style i like to call rustic old world. (also, it was about 11:30 by the time we got to install everything in the room, so the pictures are a bit blurry. just cross your eyes as you’re viewing and you won’t notice a thing.)

living room after


living room before

what do ya think?





dining room after


dining room before


for the life of me, i can’t find the before pic of the fireplace. imagine eighties pink granite and dark red cherry cabinets on either side. it was a sight.

fireplace after


(we are still deciding on chairs for in front of the fireplace. we found some amazing rustic wicker wingbacks that i think would be perfect! oh, and the artwork is getting painted today for above the mantel. i just got excited and threw this up there, so i could take a picture. also imagine lots of firewood stacked in the alcoves on the sides of the fireplace.) 

my clients are a powerhouse couple. the wife is a go-getter (my kinda lady! you give her a task and she gets the job done) and her hubby is mr. handyman. he did all the tile on the fireplace and built that awesome rustic fireplace mantel. 


mrs. go-getter and i did a whirlwind shopping trip yesterday for accessories and finishing details. we shopped for NINE hours straight! it.was.AWESOME! we’re a good decorating team. we have similar taste, so this project was a lot of fun.

entryway after


mr. handyman installed all of the faux board and batten in the entry. it continues down the hall that will feature old, chippy doors hung on the horizontal with a picture gallery displayed on top. i’ll make sure to add pictures as soon as it’s completed. we still have a lot to do, but it’s a great start!

thanks for all of your hard work mr. handyman and mrs. go-getter! it’s been a blast working with you. i can’t wait to start on the kitchen!

see you all next tuesday for the next episode of house tour tuesday! (hint: you might be green with envy or tickled pink)

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