transformation thursday: the train table and bubble butt

tonight i really wanted to tell you about a train table my hubby and i transformed, but you see i have a problem.

what’s the problem?

well, as i was starting this post and thinking about what to tell you on how we transformed it, a song kept popping into my head.

you might be wondering what the song is. i’m not even sure i’ve heard the song before. in fact, i’m pretty sure i haven’t. i heard it plenty on our walk tonight with my lil family though. you see, my hubby likes to randomly break out into song.

tonights song?

bubble butt.

have you heard it? (apparently it’s pretty popular and considering my hubbs is a high school teacher, he typically is informed of the trends before me.)

see, i wanted to tell you about this train table that we got from a friend of mine. And how we transformed it into this awesome farmhouse looking coffee table.

after transformation


how when we got it, it was red and huge and didn’t really fit in our tiny little old house. So, we decided to work as a team and make it into something that would fit in our living room and with our decor.

before transformation

red train table before

(photo borrowed from: thrifty decor chick because i was too impatient to take a before pic)

but then it happens. my mind gets overtaken with…..

bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt, bubble butt. bubble bubble bubble butt.

uh. why?!

why, that song! is it even a song?!

see, i wanted to tell you about how we made it. how we painted the bottom a creamy white by Annie Sloan and made a new top with dark walnut stain.


bubble butt, bubble bubble bubble butt.

there it is again.

let me try to get through this….

i wanted to also tell you about how we still use this table for trains, puzzles, or play doh. how my son loves to sit at it with his little stool and eat lunch.


but no. this random song pops into my head like a bad case of turrets. (no offense, of course, to people who actually have turrets. i totally feel ya. it’s not fun).

so, i’m sorry. sorry, for not informing you better on our little train table transformation.

okay. i’m going to bed and praying this song goes away.

remind me to tell you sometime about how he changed all of the words to ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.’

i’m still recovering.

(love you hubbs *muah* but, please maybe a different song next time, huh?!)

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