i like it when you call me big papa

i actually don’t like to be called big papa. nor do i like to be called papa. that would be kinda weird.

my son, however, nicknamed my dad papa when he started talking and it has stuck.


we had a fun day celebrating papa and got to do some of his favorite things.

you see, my dad has a thing for old things. (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!)

and i guess you could say he likes to collect stuff, too!


(side note: some of these are other family members. loving old things runs in the family!)

for as long as i can remember, my dad has always loved old cars.


i have memories of my dad fixing the old cars and cleaning them, so they would shine!


i have heard the story often of when he was in his teens (or maybe it was his twenties?) how he restored an old model A with his father (my grandfather).


he worked hard on it. every square inch inside and out was loved back to its original.


his dad, who was quite the perfectionist, taught him about the details.


and growing up, my dad liked to teach me about the details, like mohair seats and ceilings (that are kinda scratchy, but i guess that’s what they did back in 1931 and there is just something fancy about mohair seats!).


he would take me for rides when i was little. and when i got older, he taught me how to drive them. (they are double clutch. good thing there were no cell phones back then!)


now that my dad is a papa (grandpa), he is enjoying teaching my son all about the details of these old cars.

i couldn’t be happier.


my son is just like his papa, he loves old cars, too! and he, especially, loves his papa!


Happy Father’s Day to a great dad and papa!

also, a warm and loving Father’s Day to my hubby! we love you, tons! thanks for being such a great daddy to our son (even if you don’t like to take pictures!)

IMG_1203at least i got you to laugh, doing my little, “kutchy, kutchy goo” tickle under the arm thing!

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