house tour tuesday: the big yellow (part 1)

i know some of you have been waiting for this one for awhile.


i posted some teasers on my instagram, months ago. well, it’s finally ready for its reveal. it’s not 100% done, but it’s almost there and i have been eager to show you all!


now some of you might be wondering why i titled this post: the big yellow, considering the house is clearly green. see, this home has been known for being “the big yellow house on the corner” for as long as i can remember and even longer for the older generations in the neighborhood.


but, the home had been neglected and rented out for quite a few years. it wasn’t until about a year ago, that the house changed ownership.


almost immediately, the new homeowners started to pour love into this house and bring it back to what it once was (probably even better!).


the whole house inside and out, has been carefully restored. there is so much detail that i captured nearly 250 pictures during the photo shoot!


a beautiful vintage chandelier was added to the front porch.


and a new bright white fence was added around the property.


the landscape was refreshed.


and vintage details were added to give it character and a bring it back to its roots.


the 100 year old tree was trimmed and flowers were added around its base.


and though some things have changed, there are a few things that still look the same…


the outdoor fireplace is one.


but, maybe with a few added vintage details.


the second area is the pool.

of course, it got a good scrubbing and might also have changed colors (back to blue instead of green, maybe? no, i don’t think it was that bad when the new homeowners bought it). 😉


so, you see, change can be good.


and though a color might change or it might be called a new name, it doesn’t mean the history is different.


it’s just going to take a little getting used to when we say, “the big green” instead of, “the big yellow.”


or maybe we’ll give it a new nickname and call it, “the one with the really big tree.” (no? too long?)


the house with the big tree, the yellow house, the green house, whatever you want to call it….i’m just happy to see this house get loved so much. it’s fun to live next door and admire its beauty and watch it sparkle once again.


and if you think the outside is good, come on back next week for a peak inside! i think i did the awkward stand-and-stare-and-take-it-all-in for a good solid ten minutes the first time i saw it all done.

it’s gonna blow your mind.

have a good week, friends!


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