house tour tuesday: The Island Hotel and some thrifty finds

hi all!

this has been a busy summer. i feel like june started and we hit the ground running. so, to add a little fun to the busy, my family and i decided to take a little mini vacation to Palm Springs. we swam, ate, slept, and then did that all over again, not necessarily in that order. i took a little time off from crafting and making things to just focus on my family.

at the tail end of our vacation, the hubbs and i dropped off our boy with the grandparents and went on a little mini staycation for just us. we swam, ate, and slept (a lot). it was glorious!

so, due to our recent vacation, i don’t have a regular house tour tuesday post, but i do want to tell you about the hotel we stayed in. it’s called, The Island Hotel. it was clean, the staff was very hospitable, and the decor was pretty (this last one, of course made me happy) 😉


and after getting home and uploading all of my photos, i realized that this was the only one that turned out and was not a blurry-look-like-i’m-trying-to-have-a-3D-post, so here ya go. i might be slightly obsessed with the headboard and adding it to my list of diy projects. 😉

the hotel also has a pretty amazing pool with a fireplace that was fun to sit by at night and talk and cuddle. so, if you’re looking for an affordable, nice hotel in Orange County near the beach, but don’t want to pay the high price tag for some of those other luxury hotels, i highly recommend it. we shopped around, and i’m so glad we did. i love a good deal!

speaking of deals….as i was getting dressed to go to lunch, i had to chuckle at the outfits i had packed. most were thrifty finds. i don’t usually shop for clothes when i go thrifting (i enjoy hunting for furniture more), but occasionally something will catch my eye while i’m standing in the checkout line.

here’s outfit #1: thrifted $6 dress, that i paired with a belt I already owned.


and outfit #2: thrifted $4 swimsuit cover-up for when we went to the pool.


just ignore all of the wrinkles (oops)….who has time for ironing on vacation?! not this lady. 😉

i love a good vacation, mini or not (they don’t happen often), but it’s nice to get back to reality. i have some fun diy projects i’ll be sharing later this week.

have a good one friends!

One thought on “house tour tuesday: The Island Hotel and some thrifty finds

  1. I love finding out about great weekend getaway spots! Thanks for the hotel tip! And that polka dot dress is too cute. =)

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