house tour tuesday: the old new house

last week i got to dream a little. it was actually perfect timing because we recently sold our first home (not the home we are living in now, but our first home that we purchased together a few years ago).

it was a little bittersweet.

we had dreamed of owning our own place, whether it be a fixer upper or not. when we finally got it, my husband and i put our heart and soul into that little home. we did almost all the work ourselves, minus the hardwood floors. it was a wreck when we first purchased it as a foreclosure property. we worked night and day for three weeks straight and had it like shiny new before we moved in. fast forward five years and a kid later, and we had outgrown the little one bedroom condo.

this is how we made it to Old Towne Orange. besides being my hometown, it was also a dream of mine to live in the historic section of the city. a friend of ours (who also happens to be our real estate agent) mentioned that there was a little house for rent next door to where she was living, so we high tailed it over to the property to check it out

it was adorable. small and quaint and old. all of my favorites. it even had cute little original door knobs and old hardwood floors. but you see, after living in this adorable, small, quaint, old house for the last couple of years, i have learned that living in an old house comes with some sacrifice. no air conditioning, no dishwasher, small rooms, and even smaller closets.

this brings me to my dilemma. i love old houses and all of their quaintness, but i also love new houses and all of their squeaky, clean surfaces.

sometimes (or almost every night actually) i love to look on the internet at all of the houses for sale and dream about having more space, or a newer home.

so, this last week, my friend, the real estate agent, took me on a tour of a very cute old, but new house in our neighborhood.


it has the best of both worlds. old and choke full of character, but a new squeaky clean that lets you dream of just moving right in and not needing to do a thing.


no projects. no demolition.


just a chance to move in and start enjoying the space and dreaming of all of the meals you’ll make.


or the naps you’ll take.


and the long soaking baths you’ll get to relax in.


and then my mind wanders to the backyard and how it would be so fun to have grammy and papa come stay in the guesthouse.


and be so close that we could send our son to their little house in the backyard to play


or make cookies.


or take a bath in their bathtub, while we are taking naps in the big house.


then i start dreaming about painting furniture in my own little studio.


and planning a party in our spacious backyard,


where all of the plants are still alive and thriving and haven’t been killed yet from my lack of watering.


i think about the swing set i would like to put in for my son and his friends.


and all of the vegetables and fruit we would eat from our very own garden.


and then just as i am headed back to my house to start packing my bags, i remember that though this spacious old, but new house would be perfect for our little family, and though it is completely out of our price range (probably the most important detail), i remember that i love me a good project. i love to be able to fix things up and love them back to their original. i love a good before and after. i love an old home that has some patina scratched into the floor. i love an old house that’s not squeaky new and clean. i just like an old house that has life in it. the place our family calls home.

i’m not sure where God is leading us. whether he wants us to be renters or homeowners, but one thing is for sure: he is in control and he has a great plan for us. and for now, he answered our prayers and provided us exactly what we asked for: a home that is quaint, small, and old. so, i think i’ll keep dreaming….after all, God is listening (but maybe this time i’ll dream of the closets being a bit bigger). 😉

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