Eikon Home: my favorite Old Towne Orange store and a {july giveaway}

today was like most Sundays: thank and praise our God for another day, laundry, clean the house, grocery shop…..wait….isn’t it supposed to be rest on the seventh day?

okay, so we did manage to do a little shopping in the circle and stop by my favorite store in Old Towne Orange.


Eikon Home is one of the cutest little stores. i have no problem finding something i like.


even before i enter the store, i am oohing and ahhing over their chalkboard signs, asparagus ferns, and cheerful yellow door.


once i’ve entered the store, it’s like a wonderland of treasures for my eyes.


there are so many unique items.


some are old and some are vintage inspired.


it has been my go-to place for special gifts for family and friends.


or even little trinkets for our home. (wouldn’t these be so cute in a little boy’s room?)


and apparently i was starting to feel the dog days of summer because i started to notice all of the cute lil dog figurines in the store.


yup, Eikon is a great store. i have been a fan for years. and i was especially a giddy fan when they started to carry my oversized ruler growth charts!


they were a popular item and sold out quick! not to worry, they have been freshly re-stocked.


they even made their appearance in the store front window. (i’m such a proud mama!)


so, if you are looking for a fun gift for a special someone, or maybe yourself, or maybe a giant oversized ruler growth chart….

go check out Eikon Home. (and don’t forget to put yourself on their mailing list for special offers)

142 S. Glassell st, orange, ca 92866
(714) 744-3255

and because i never can leave that store empty handed, i picked a few things up for one of you for the july giveaway.


{1. greeting card with an awesome message, 2. & gift tag, 3. world magnet, 4. ruler and music note tape, 5. decorative skeleton key}

to enter just do one of the following (or all to be entered more than once):

1.) subscribe to this blog
2.) follow and like on facebook (www.facebook.com/kellythefurniturefinder)
3.) follow and share on instagram: thefurniturefinder

just make sure to comment here (or on Facebook) to let me know each time you followed and shared.

thanks so much, friends!

10 thoughts on “Eikon Home: my favorite Old Towne Orange store and a {july giveaway}

  1. I found you from your lengthy comment on Emily’s lengthy post! 🙂 (Your comment was wonderful by the way.) That shop looks precious!! Icould do some serious budget blowing in there. Dangerous. I need all those little doggies. Perhaps they will send me in a direction for my sons’ room.

  2. What a cute store! Those dog book ends are adorable. Too bad that the shop is almost at the other end of the world for me (can you imagine how much the airline would charge me for luggage fees if I bought all the things there that I love from your photos?) 😉

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