stool. it’s one of those words if you say too many times, it starts to sound weird.

today, i fixed up the cute little yellow stool i found on the curb the other night.


i really loved the bright, sunshine yellow (or maybe it’s more of a goldish yellow), anywho, i knew i wanted to keep that.

the top, however, was a little….as my son said, “dirty.” it needed a little love.

i grabbed my sandpaper and went to town. and then i realized that getting to that town was going take forever, so i grabbed my power sander.

much better.

after a few long minutes, it was back to the original wood.


i used a cloth and rubbed on my favorite stain, miniwax “old american.” then put a coat of poly after the stain dried.

viola’! all done and looking farmhouse fresh! (and maybe a little rustic, since the stain didn’t evenly take. that’s ok. this is a kid’s stool that will be well loved and banged up, i’m sure.)


now our new, little, yellow curbside stool is happy with its stool buddies. (the red one i found at the Goodwill and the white one was also a curbside find!)


(does using the word stool so many times sound a little wrong? or maybe a little dirty? perhaps it’s just me.)

also, i think this means that i officially have a stool collection or a sample of stools? okay. i’ll stop.

how about you? are you a fan of stools?

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