transformation thursday: picture gallery

today when i got home from the beach with my family, there was a little package sitting on our doorstep.

i was thrilled to find out that it was a couple of prints i had ordered through a fellow blogger.

i have had my eye on these prints for a couple of years (that seems so long…why, on Earth did i not buy them sooner? time, money, something always seemed to hold me back). a couple of weeks ago i noticed that there was a sale going on, so i quickly snatched some up.

i’m so glad i did.

they are lovely. they are printed on heavy paper, the colors are gorgeous, and they infuse our space with a couple of great scriptures.



here’s what they looked like before.


i had originally made a mock pair with book pages and decoupage’ and then painted over them with black.


they were fine for what we needed (which was some sort of art on the wall because we had just moved to our little house at the time), but they were living in the dark.


they needed to see the light and display their wonderful words.


and now they do!

i’m still deciding if i should get custom matting for each or cut out the lamp and chair shapes or just leave it as is like this. what do ya think?

also, if you’re looking for some fun art for your home, or perhaps a wonderful wedding or baby gift for someone special, check out Jones Design Company (this lady has talent!).

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