happy 4th: a family tradition

this year, we went back to an old family tradition of going to our family cabin for the fourth of July.


we spent some time at Lake Gregory,


swimming in the water and renting a paddle board to play on.


i can remember going to this lake when i was little. we would have races swimming across. (side note: i totally tried to swim across again and while i made it…i completely freaked myself out. half way across, something touched my leg. it was probably just an overgrown plant or maybe a large fish. ick. whatever it was, i swam like i was going for the gold. and i might have busted a lung in the process, but at least i made it.)


and we would take the paddle boards out to the middle of the lake and jump off (new rules are in place. that’s no longer allowed, but i was temped to try it for old times sake, anyways).


we bbq’d and sat on the back porch, enjoying the mountain air just like old times.


and practiced our Etch-A-Sketch technique. (my brother was always good at this, probably because of his techie computer brain.)


then we ate a simple dinner, before we headed to Arrowhead Lake to see the annual firework show.

i’m a sucker for traditions and i’m thankful to pass them onto my son. hopefully, he’ll look back on his childhood and remember these simple memories fondly.


hope everyone had a safe holiday and enjoyed the people that matter most.




transformation thursday: free curbside armoire

i realize that this post is coming a little early. and that it’s not actually thursday, but because of the holiday i thought i would post it anyways and enjoy my family tomorrow.

it seems to be (in my life) i am either really early or really late. never on-time.

one day i shall master that. or not.

until then, i thought i would share a little transformation my hubbs and i did on one of our free curbside finds.


my hubbs was on his way to the grocery store on Sunday and found this sitting on the side of the curb. he quickly called me to ask if i wanted it. (smart man!)

so, he brought it home and my wheels instantly got to work.


at first my hubby thought that he could just fix the door and then we could sell it. but, like most of our free curbside finds, i tend to fall in love and want to keep them.

it had great bones and i could tell it was well built, but you see, one of the doors was completely busted off. and though it probably could have been fixed, i had thought of a way we might be able to better use it.

i knew our house was a little too small for such a large piece of furniture. i also remembered that my son really needed a dresser for his clothes, since i had completely taken over real estate in his closet.

so, my eyes got big and i shot my hubby an all to familiar look that said, “i have a plan!” and he as usual, listened patiently and then went along with it.

here’s what we came up with….


a dresser for our son’s room.

it fits perfect!


it’s the right size, warms up the space with the natural wood tone, it adds a bit of rustic cowboy to his little boy space, and it was free!

and though it has a few rough spots, and a corner molding piece that is missing (my hubbs re-used the pieces from the top part of the armoire)…

i love it!


and so does our little boy.


happy 4th friends!

house tour tuesday: the fun house

happy tuesday, everyone!

welcome, to another tour of an Old Towne Orange home.

i’m excited to share with you all, a home that just makes me feel happy.


when we first moved into our neighborhood, i was taking my son for a walk and walked by this house. to my surprise, someone called my name and when i turned around, standing there was one of my old students (from my first year of teaching).


i was so excited to see that they were our new neighbors!


now, when i was trying to think of what to title this post, a few names came to mind. the happy house. the colorful house. and then i decided that the fun house, was most appropriate. that’s not to say that i think it’s like a circus (although my friend, J, might feel like she lives in a circus at times because it is filled with bubbly, laughing little kids, puppies, a cat, and a guinea pig).

nope, instead this house is just plain fun. (i think you might agree)


it is colorful, vibrant, and just happy. it breathes energy into me, every time i walk through the door.


when i first toured the home a couple of years ago, the thing i noticed first and just LOVED was their brightly painted furniture.


(they were the very first people to buy one of my oversized ruler growth charts. i have them to thank for starting that lil business. thank you!)

the space just oozes personality, which makes sense because the people that live in the home also ooze personality.


they are cheerful, smart, warm, down-to-earth, and fun people.

they are also very real.


when i first arrived at the house to take pictures for this post, my friend was a little nervous. (i’m calling you out J!) 😉

she was worried her home wasn’t clean enough, decorated enough, perfect enough to be shown on the blog.


now let me just say, that i didn’t start out doing this weekly tour of houses, so that i could see perfect homes.

i’m not interested in perfect homes. sure, i love design and i love to see how people have decorated their homes.

but what i’m interested in are real homes.


homes that are lived in. that show history.


homes that tell me a story about the people that live and thrive inside.


see, i think a home is more than just a place where we eat, sleep, and drink our coffee (the last being the most important, of course).

it’s a chance to express who we are.


and how we see the world. or how we want our world to be. (in some cases, it’s a bright orange kitchen with ikat curtains! how fun!)


it’s an opportunity for us to show what we believe in.


and what matters most to us.


our homes show the details of our lives.


it’s how we put our spaces together that show what kind of people we are.


maybe your home is neutral because you like it to be quiet (figuratively speaking). maybe it has striped curtains or ruffled pillows. or dishes in the sink or laundry on the table (or maybe that’s just my house?). or your grandmother’s old hand-me-down furniture. maybe it’s all blue because blue makes you feel peaceful.


or maybe it has every color from the rainbow because bright colors just makes you feel happy. or maybe it’s not decorated at all and that’s okay.


(btw, they found, yes, found this awesome yellow cabinet just like this in their back alley. what a find!)

whatever your home is, it is your very own. to let perfection go. to be real.

whether you are renting or owning, it is the place where you get to tell the people that visit, this is ME!


so, whether your home is quiet, simple, elaborate, colorful, neutral or just plain fun.


be proud of your space. and remember that people usually want to come back not because you have shiny, clean floors, but because of how you made them feel.


or because you have cute little puppies running around that lick your toes.


so, thank you, B family for inviting me into your home. for being you. for being real. and, of course, for being fun!


ps. my son wants to come back to your fun house, again, soon! 😉

Eikon Home: my favorite Old Towne Orange store and a {july giveaway}

today was like most Sundays: thank and praise our God for another day, laundry, clean the house, grocery shop…..wait….isn’t it supposed to be rest on the seventh day?

okay, so we did manage to do a little shopping in the circle and stop by my favorite store in Old Towne Orange.


Eikon Home is one of the cutest little stores. i have no problem finding something i like.


even before i enter the store, i am oohing and ahhing over their chalkboard signs, asparagus ferns, and cheerful yellow door.


once i’ve entered the store, it’s like a wonderland of treasures for my eyes.


there are so many unique items.


some are old and some are vintage inspired.


it has been my go-to place for special gifts for family and friends.


or even little trinkets for our home. (wouldn’t these be so cute in a little boy’s room?)


and apparently i was starting to feel the dog days of summer because i started to notice all of the cute lil dog figurines in the store.


yup, Eikon is a great store. i have been a fan for years. and i was especially a giddy fan when they started to carry my oversized ruler growth charts!


they were a popular item and sold out quick! not to worry, they have been freshly re-stocked.


they even made their appearance in the store front window. (i’m such a proud mama!)


so, if you are looking for a fun gift for a special someone, or maybe yourself, or maybe a giant oversized ruler growth chart….

go check out Eikon Home. (and don’t forget to put yourself on their mailing list for special offers)

142 S. Glassell st, orange, ca 92866
(714) 744-3255

and because i never can leave that store empty handed, i picked a few things up for one of you for the july giveaway.


{1. greeting card with an awesome message, 2. & gift tag, 3. world magnet, 4. ruler and music note tape, 5. decorative skeleton key}

to enter just do one of the following (or all to be entered more than once):

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3.) follow and share on instagram: thefurniturefinder

just make sure to comment here (or on Facebook) to let me know each time you followed and shared.

thanks so much, friends!