diy: under bed storage

is it just me or do toys seem to reproduce in the night?

seriously, i go to bed with a semi-clean house and wake up and there are legos and toy cars and puzzle pieces everywhere! i am constantly rearranging/reorganizing toys to better fit them into our small space.

when i made this project, i didn’t actually have my son’s room in mind. i was just thinking it would be a cool thing to sell at my vintage sale.


well, i had a few lookers, but it didn’t sell and i’m kind of glad because it fits perfect in my boy’s room.


here it is before:


i cleaned the inside and out and then painted the front with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ‘Old White’ because that’s what i had on hand. then i add some black and white wrapping paper to the inside and some casters to the bottom from our garage that were left over from a diy gone bad. considering, i got this piece from a free pile from a neighbor’s yard sale (it was pulled out of an old craftsman in the neighborhood), and i only bought the wrapping paper, i think it cost me a total of $5. not too shabby! although i might go back and change the knobs….someday.


it fits perfect and my son has all of his favorite toys right at his level.


which means he can also help me clean them up. (hee hee) 😉

have a blessed week friends!


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