house tour tuesday: the simple life

there was something about this house that took me back.

back into time. a time in which i’ve never lived, but have dreamed of experiencing.


when things seemed a bit more simple.


and life wasn’t as fussy.


when families ate together around the table.


and children played with toys that were carefully made by a craftsman.


when making a pot of hot water took longer than pushing a few buttons on a machine.


now, don’t get me wrong when i say the word simple. i don’t at all mean it to be plain.


it’s a life, a world, filled with richness.


and beauty all around.


it doesn’t hold a monetary value.


but a value that fills up the soul.


like a few hours of solitude under the shade of a tree.


i long for these things. these simple pleasures in life.


where the squeak of an old door means you have a visitor, instead of something that needs fixing.


where neighbors randomly drop by to give you some giant spools because they know you’re crafty and can repurpose them into something great (and yes, this actually happened while i was there. it was awesome and so are those!).


yup. it’s the simple things that make my heart skip a beat.

and help me to just sit back and enjoy the view.

as simple as it may be.

(thank you, R family for giving me a glimpse into your home and your lives. what a beautiful life it is, full of blessings and goodness!)

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