antler dream catcher

i can’t believe i actually have antlers in my house.

i’m sure there was a day that if you told me i would want antlers on my wall, i would have given you a raised eyebrow.

well, sometimes i fall into the trends (i resisted the chevron pattern, so i’m feeling okay about the antlers). 😉

i scored some antlers at the Long Beach Flea a few months back and  decided to paint them and make them into a dream catcher for my son’s room.


first I taped off the tips and painted them gold and then painted the rest of the antlers white. then i got a wood slice from Michaels to mount it and finished it off with a piece of burlap.


once that was completed, we sat down as a family (well, my son didn’t really sit down….more like did hand stands in our big chair) and we talked about what our dreams are for him.

we have many dreams for him: to see the world, to be happy, to be purposeful in what he does,


to be a caring person, and most importantly, a man of God.


our boy would throw out some dreams every so often: go on an airplane, or a helicopter, be a policeman.


one dream  of his that is huge (and verging obsessive) is to be a fireman, so that was added to his dream catcher.


it was a fun little project and i’m sure we’ll be adding more dreams on as time goes by.


hope all your dreams come true, sweet boy. mommy and daddy love you tons! xo

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