house tour tuesday: our son’s room

hi friends!!

hope ya’ll are having a great week.

i am now healthy and well from walking pneumonia and back in the game of getting stuff done.

in fact, i think my meds worked so well, they transferred some sort of energy ball serum into my blood that made me go a little crazy with finishing up my son’s room. it’s  been the one area of our house that never really seemed pulled together. perhaps it was the stage of going from a nursery to a big boy’s room that always felt a little unfinished.

well, now it feels done (or at least for now. considering i just did a post about the antler dream catcher above his bed, that has already been moved. i was having nightmares that he was going to get stabbed by an antler in the middle of the night. it had to move).

wanna take a look?

come on….i know you’re just a wee bit curious about where the antlers moved to.



or what is now above his bed.



it’s not nearly as exciting as giant antlers.


but, the thought of a paper garland accidentally floating down and plopping on my son’s face is easier to handle than an antler stab.



see that bedding? that’s what started the ball rolling with getting our boy’s room done.


or maybe it was his bed guard that my hubby decided it would be a good idea to use as a seat and snapped it in half (the one in the pic is an extra we had at our family cabin. i’m kinda liking the back up one better. my mom and i found this old gem at a garage sale up in the mountains).


well, after buying the bedding at Ikea and an ice cream cone (it’s an essential staple when we go), i realized on our way home that i forgot to pick up one of those cute little book shelves that everyone has pinned on Pinterest. ya know what i’m talking about? i really wanted one for our boy for two reasons: 1.) they’re cute and 2.) i’m hoping that he’ll wake up on a Saturday morning and get distracted by a book and we’ll get an extra twenty minutes to sleep in.

wishful thinking?

maybe. but worth a shot, huh?


i remembered i had an old broken drawer in the garage that i might be able to use as a shelf.

it worked. i’m jazzed.


i’m also jazzed that his antlers found a safe home, on a wall with no cute sleeping child underneath.


speaking of home. have you seen the Finding Fall Home Tours going on right now?


you’re not going to want to miss it.


it has some major decorating eye candy.



and some great ideas to make your home feel like Fall (especially for us Californians. we need all the help we can get with this 90 degree weather).


so, go check it out.


and then ask them if i can play along, too, next year! 😉

what about you? are you ready for Fall?

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