diy: backyard chalkboard

remember the vintage sale i had a couple months ago?


well, i had a few things left over that didn’t sell and one of the items was this old door.


i was kinda glad it didn’t sell because i really liked it and thought it would be fun for something.

a few weeks ago, i was trying to convince my son to play in the backyard with me. he didn’t really want to and i can’t blame him. it’s hot, the grass is very dead, and there’s not a whole lot to do.

so, to tempt him in trying to play in the backyard, i made him this:


i think i might add some clips, so he can also use it as an easel and paint once in awhile.


it makes for the perfect spot to score our baseball games (mini baseball games that is. our backyard is tiny).


he was pretty excited about it for about a day and a half. he has now moved on. *sigh*

time to think of a new attraction for the backyard. i’ve got some ideas brewing.

happy Monday, friends. here’s to a new week ahead!

3 thoughts on “diy: backyard chalkboard

  1. We need one of these for preschool! There MUST be an extra old door somewhere! Sigh, another project on the “To Do” list now!

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