the shop is stocked: oversized ruler growth charts

i just realized that i’ve never really talked about my job on here (except for the interior designs i’ve shown you from various client’s homes).

it’s hard for me to define my job, since i have a few i work on.

my most important”job” (if you can call it that) is being the mommy to this sweet boy.


but, when i’m not playing firetrucks or baseball in the backyard,


you can usually find me working on one of these in my garage.


and they come in three fun colors: 1.) Old American 2.) Weathered Grey 3.) Special Walnut

they’re great for charting the growth of your family, giving as a gift for a baby shower, a house warming gift, or even just a piece of art for your walls.

the best part, is if you move homes or decide to paint the door jams, it comes with you and the markings last forever.

and with Christmas coming up, i thought i’d make it really easy and give you the link where you can get some shopping done! 😉

IMAG1400 copy

happy measuring, friends! xoxo

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