transformation thursday: before and after of a master bath

okay, so usually i post small projects i’ve done around the house for transformation thursday, but i am too excited to keep this transformation a secret any longer.

i started this project a few months back. when i first saw the space, it was down to the bare bones or studs in this case. i could see past the construction and visualize what this space could be: light, classic, and luxurious.

fast forward a few months and it is exactly that! i love when a project jumps out of my brain and into reality!

and while i helped with the space planning and consulting of materials and aesthetics, i really have to give credit to my client/friend for putting in all of the footwork of interviewing, hiring, and managing the various contractors (good job, A!). that is no small task!

allrighty, are you ready to see this beautiful before and after of a master bath?!

here it goes….

(OH! and i promised my sweet client/friend that i would add that it’s not 100% done…there are finishing details that need to be added: towels, rug, accessories, etc. and the mirrors over the vanity are just temporary until the new ones are ordered and arrive.)

okay, now that the disclaimer has been read….

enjoy the before and after decor feast for your eyes:

(master fireplace before)


(master fireplace after)


i just kinda threw some stuff up on the mantel and added her vintage chair for the pictures. we still need to figure out what will be permanently staying on the mantel, but i love the changes so far.

(master bath hallway before)


(master bath hallway after)


(master bath hallway before)


(master bath hallway after)


there will eventually be a giant leaning mirror (or hanging, depending on what we find) on the right side of the hallway.

(master bath entry before)


(master bath entry after)


custom cabinetry, carrera marble, wood tile, silver accents and a vintage chandelier were added.


and a sunken tub (swoon!).

(master vanity before)


(master vanity after)


(before custom built-ins)


(after custom built-ins)


gorgeous glass knobs from Anthropologie were added to the cabinets.


(vaulted ceilings before)


(vaulted ceilings after)


one of the concerns, my client/friend had was whether or not she should have the ceiling dropped to keep it warm enough in the space. i reassured her, begged, threatened (just kidding) πŸ˜‰ for her to keep the vaulted ceilings.


she’s so happy she did. i am, too! i think it really adds some drama to the space and showcases the vintage chandelier.


(tub area before)


(tub area after)


when i first came on scene to help with this project, the plan was to put the tub where the shower ended up and have the shower in this area (and cover up these windows and add one over by the shower). again, i pleaded, begged, insisted (okay. it wasn’t that dramatic) that the tub should go here. these windows begged to have a tub underneath them. it not only saved the homeowners money by keeping the existing window locations (and just buy new windows for the space), but also allows them more privacy by having the windows face the back of the house into the backyard. win/win!


my client/friend has great taste! she did a spectacular job picking out all of the details,

i love every bit of it and how it’s turned out so far! i think i could live in this bathroom. i might just have to move my toothbrush in.


A, don’t be surprised if you come home one day and i’m watching House Hunters and soaking in the tub! πŸ˜‰

and thanks, for letting us have a peek, even though it’s not all the way done.

6 thoughts on “transformation thursday: before and after of a master bath

  1. Oh gosh Kelly it is beautiful! I❀it. All the hard work has paid off. Thank you for all your help. I could not have done this without you.

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